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90.4 Enforcement (Inspection)

The first paragraph of this section was revised to read:

This Code is intended to be suitable for enforcement by governmental bodies that exercise legal jurisdiction over electrical installations, for power, lighting, signaling, and communications systems. Figure 90–4

Intent: The Communications Systems Task Group indicated that some users of the Code (I’m sure signaling and communications contractors) did not feel their electrical installations were subject to inspection. The new words clarify that signaling and communications conductors and associated equipment are included in the scope of enforcement (inspection). The requirements for the following systems are contained in the corresponding Articles:

Article 725 – Control and Signaling Circuits
Article 760 – Fire Alarm
Article 770 – Optical Fiber Cables and Raceways
Article 800 – Communications Circuits
Article 820 – CATV and CCTV
Article 830 – Network Broadband

Figure 90-4
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