Association of National Electrical Code Instructors
By Marty Anspach

On October 27, 2000, Mike Holt suggested in a newsletter the creation of an Association for NEC Instructors, or ANECI. Because of prior commitments, this project never progressed beyond a vision stage, but it also never died. I believe there is a real need for such an organization to help us improve the electrical industry by improving ourselves as NEC instructors.

ANECI should be organized to serve the industry to:

  • Help us improve the quality of instruction through resources only an association could provide.
  • Provide a better-trained and educated electrician to move them to the next level, by helping them understand and apply the NEC to their scope of work.
  • Provide insight to the industry from the instructor’s point of view.

I’m writing to request your input, advice, suggestions, opinions, and help to get this organization off the ground.

Mike has offered to host our Website as well as provide additional services to help this organization become a reality. Naturally, there are many hurdles to overcome. I hope you will help me make ANECI a valuable resource for the electrical industry.

I can be contacted via E-mail at, or regular mail at:

Marty Anspach, Box 222
Ivy Tech State College
3800 North Anthony Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1489

Respectfully yours, Marty Anspach

Mike Holt’s Comment: Marty, I would like to become an active ANECI member and I’ll do what I can to help you help the industry. I know this is a very large challenge and I commend you for trying to make a difference. One of the benefits for ANECI membership should be discounts as well as free products from industry sources.

Mike Holt Enterprises, Inc. will offer approved ANECI instructors:

  • Twenty-five Illustrated Code Change books ($1,100 value)
  • One hundred Wiring Chart Posters ($100 value)
  • One hundred Ohms Law Sticker ($100 value)
  • One set of NEC tabs ($10 value)
  • A fifty percent discount for all MHE seminars ($200 value)

Finally, MHE will contribute $1000 as a corporate sponsor as soon as you have a charter (or what ever that's called).

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