Member Wants to Help Others in Indonesia

Dear Mike,

My name is Akihito Shigeno, electrical engineer, residing in Jakarta, Indonesia.  I have many difficulties in leaning NEC in Indonesia. There is absolutely nobody to ask a question here. Book on NEC are not sold here.

In addition, the price of imported books are so high, for instance, the price of NEC handbook by NFPA may cost 30% of monthly salary of average electrical engineers here in Indonesia.

To ease such a situation, I am seeking the way to share the knowledge on NEC with other electrical engineers in Jakarta. For the last several years, I have been leaning NEC and now I have many NEC related books in my library. So, if anyone in Jakarta needs information on NEC, I would like to offer to access my library, or to offer my office as a meeting place to discuss matters on NEC.

Mike, would you post this message for Indonesian members, so that they can contact me?

Best Regard,

Akihito Shigeno

PT. Anis Internasional
Gedung Spinindo Lt.3
Jl. Kh. Wahid Hasyim No. 76
Kebon Sirih Menteng Jakarta Pusat 10340
Telp. 31906607

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