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NEC Adoption Status Update — June 2005

NEC Adoption Dates

Below is a list of NEC adoption dates based on information we obtained from the state electrical boards last summer. If you can provide updated information for any of these projections, reply back by clicking the "Please Reply With Your Comments" link below. We will use all of your feedback to update the code adoption page on our website. Refer back to our homepage and click "NEC" to obtain the updated information.

Projected dates to adopt the 2002 NEC:

  • California June or July-05
  • New York Sometime in 05
  • Virginia Summer-05

Based on projections these states should currently be on the 2005 NEC:

  • North Dakota Sep-04
  • Texas Sep-04
  • North Carolina Dec-04
  • Arkansas Jan-05
  • Kentucky Jan-05
  • Massachusetts Jan-05
  • New Mexico Jan-05
  • Ohio Jan-05
  • New Hampshire Feb-05

These states are currently on the 2002 NEC - listed below are the projected dates to adopt the 2005 NEC:

  • Alabama Early-05
  • Colorado Early-05
  • Washington Jun-05
  • Georgia Jul-05
  • Idaho Jul-05
  • Maine Jul-05
  • Minnesota Jul-05
  • South Dakota Jul-05
  • Tennessee Jul-05
  • Rhode Island Aug-05
  • Wyoming Aug-05
  • Indiana Summer-05
  • Alaska Sep-05
  • Nebraska Sep-05
  • Oregon Apr-05
  • Hawaii Nov-05
  • Montana Dec-05
  • Kansas Jan-06
  • Utah Jan-06
  • New Jersey May-06
  • Wisconsin May-06
  • Oklahoma Jun-06
  • Vermont Jun-06
  • Delaware Jul-06
  • Florida Jul-06
  • South Carolina Jul-06
  • Connecticut 2007
  • Louisiana 2007
  • Michigan 2007
  • District of Columbia 2007

Currently there is no statewide code adoption requirement for the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania

Mike Holt Comment: Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated. We're a team and by helping ourselves we help each other.

19. Code Change Library Video/DVD

Nearly 5,000 changes were proposed for the 2005 NEC! Over 225 of them will have a significant impact on designing, installing and inspecting electrical systems. This package includes the following 2005 Code Change products:

  • Code Changes
  • 2 DVD Guides to the Code Changes
  • 16 hour online code change program
  • 2005 NEC Code Tabs, and 1 MP3 Audio CD

Product Code: 05CCP
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