Updated Report as of 6/3/03
Compiled with the Assistance of Mike Holt's Newsletter Members

ALABAMA - (AL) 2002 - 3 Responses
Alabama adopted the 2002 NEC and the latest version of the NEIS standards, effective July 2002. This was adopted by the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board and the State Fire Marshal’s office. The Fire Marshal adopts all NFPA standards.

ALASKA - (AK) 2002 - 5 Responses
Alaska adopted the 2002 NEC in September of 2002. This is the required minimum for the state. Anchorage adopted it with more stringent local amendments in March 2003. Alaska’s electrical exams are based on the 2002 NEC.

ARIZONA - (AZ) ? - 8 Responses
Each municipality is free to adopt & amend the NEC, and it ranges from the 1990 to the 1999 versions. Most places in Arizona use the 1999 Code standards although a few are still using the 1996 Code, but will be changing soon.

Tucson has adopted the 1999 Code, but not the 2002 Code yet. The city requires the use of the 2002 Code, but the design criteria is changed in anticipation of the adoption of the latest edition of the Code. Different cities are using different versions of the NEC. On March 19, 2003, the City of Mesa adopted the 1993 NEC, and on May 25, 2000, Prescott Valley and Lake Havasu City adopted the 1996 NEC.

ARKANSAS - (AR) 2002 - No Response

CALIFORNIA - (CA) 1999 - 11 Responses
California is currently using and has adopted the California Electrical Code (CEC), which is based on an amended version of the 1999 NEC. The 1999 NEC was adopted by the state on November 1, 2002 (the same time they adopted the 2000 plumbing and mechanical codes). However, if plans for a project were submitted prior to Nov. 1, 2002, they will be based on the 1996 Code, and if they were submitted prior to July 1, 1999, they will be based on the 1993 Code.

The California Building Standards Commission makes amendments to the 1999 NEC and republishes it as the 2001 California Electrical Code. The actual printing is done by the NFPA. The California Building Standards Commission adopts all codes on a triennial basis. Since the NEC is a year ahead of the building codes, they wait until they’ve adopted a building code before adopting the NEC.

The various state agencies are allowed to modify or selectively adopt sections, so the official 2002 CEC has an adoption table in the front with the agency adoptions. California requires all local jurisdictions to adopt the state code within six months after publishing. The November 1 date is the latest.

The CEC cannot be amended by municipalities for reasons other than administrative, topographical, geological, or atmospheric (such as corrosion in ocean cities) reasons. These amendments must be submitted and approved by the state before implementation. Hopefully, this will provide a more uniform Code. Previously, one could go from one city to another and have regulations that were diametrically opposed to each other.

Licensing is now underway of electricians (all must be state licensed by 2005) and is based on the 1999 NEC. The state will adopt the 2002 NEC in 2005.

COLORADO - (CO) 2002 - 2 Responses
Colorado adopted the 2002 NEC effective August 1, 2002. There are several local jurisdictions that have not updated their laws to reflect the adoption of the 2002 Code. A jurisdiction like Boulder with laws that say they are on the 1996 NEC cannot have their inspectors enforce the 2002 Code or tell the contractors or electricians to comply with anything except the 1996 Code. Since the state regulates all of the electrical licensing, they are required to follow the 2002 Code.

One inspector reported that it puts him in a precarious situation since the city attorney is telling him that he cannot enforce the 2002 Code, and the state is telling him that he is required to.

CONNECTICUT - (CT) 1999 - 2 Responses
Connecticut will adopt the 2002 NEC in July 2004. Connecticut’s adoption is via the state legislature, making it state law. The 1999 Code was adopted with the removal of the arc-fault provision.

DELAWARE - (DE) 1999 - 2 Responses
Delaware is using the 1999 Code for the Limited and the 2002 Code for the Masters. The 2002 NEC is presently under review.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - (D.C.) 1996 - 1 Response
The District of Columbia is using the 1996 NEC. It’s unconfirmed that they’ve adopted the 1999 NEC.

FLORIDA - (FL) 1999 - 4 Responses
Florida adopted the 1999 NEC, which has been in effect since March 2002. The 2002 NEC is expected to be adopted and take effect on July 1, 2003. This is per the Florida Building Code.

The last dates to file objections or require public comment time have passed. One jurisdiction has readopted a large number of local amendments to the NEC. They have submitted them to the Florida Building Commission as amendments to the Florida Building Code. If they are adopted, they will be in the Florida Building Code and added to the NEC all over the state. Interested persons can log onto the Florida Building Commission Website and post comments, either for or against the amendments. The Commission meets on the 14th & it is suggested that any Florida interests let their thoughts be known BEFORE June 10th. Any comments supporting the NEC as written will help to avoid encumbrances to the Code.

GEORGIA - (GA) 2002 - 1 Response
Georgia adopted the 2002 NEC with three state amendments, effective January 1, 2003. The Website is www.dca.state.ga.us.

HAWAII - (HI) ? - 2 Responses
Honolulu City & County (all the Island of Oahu) adopted the 2002 Code as of December 2002.

IDAHO - (ID) 2002 - 4 Responses
Idaho adopted the 2002 NEC with a few exceptions, effective July 1, 2002. For additional information, refer to:
http://www2.state.id.us/dbs/electrical/nec.html or http://www2.state.id.us/adm/adminrules/rules/idapa07/0106.pdf.

ILLINOIS - (IL) ? - 2 Responses
Illinois does not adopt the NEC on a statewide basis. It is up to the individual units of local government, usually cites but sometimes townships or counties. Last year, Kane County was still on the 1990 Code.

INDIANA - (IN) 2002 - 2 Responses
Indiana amended and adopted the 2002 NEC, which became effective in September 2002.

IOWA - (IA) ? - 3 Responses
A member reported that he called the Iowa State Building Code Dept. on May 23rd, 2003 (Div. of State Fire Marshal, Dept. of Public Safety at 515-281-5132), and Iowa is still using the 1996 NEC.

KANSAS - (KS) ? - 4 Responses
Kansas is using the 1999 Code but doesn’t adopt the Code on a statewide basis; it’s done by municipalities. The City of Wichita has just adopted the 2002 NEC, and several of the surrounding smaller towns are currently enforcing the 2002 NEC. A member who contracts throughout Kansas reported that around populated areas, the counties have jurisdiction, not the state. Douglas, Franklin and Johnson Counties adopted the 2002 NEC last year. This trend is repeated every six years instead of NEC’s three. This year, Johnson County (Kansas City area) now requires continuing education course credit prior to annual contractors’ license renewal. In rural counties however (consisting primarily of large farm tracts), no personal qualification, permits, or inspections are required.

KENTUCKY - (KY) 2002 - 3 Responses
Kentucky adopted and enforces the 2002 NEC as of January 3, 2002. This was adopted into the state building code effective January 3, 2002. Any buildings started prior to that date would be covered by the 1999 Code. This information can be verified at

LOUISIANA - (LA) 1999 - 2 Responses
The 2002 Code is presently under review but changes are not expected until sometime in 2003. New Orleans is still using the 1996 NEC for the Journeyman’s License.

MAINE - (ME) 1999 - 2 Responses
Maine should adopt the 2002 NEC soon. As of September 2002, all electrical exams are based on the 2002 NEC.

MARYLAND - (MD) ? - 4 Responses
Most counties in Maryland are a separate jurisdiction, with the exception of the western counties. In three of the southern Maryland counties, two (Calvert & St. Mary’s) have accepted the 2002 Code, and one is still using the 1999 Code.

Maryland has two separate codes for buildings. New buildings are governed by the Maryland Building Performance Standards (MBPS), and buildings that are one year and older are governed by the Maryland Building Rehabilitation Code (MBRC) or “Smart Codes.” The “Smart Codes” has adopted the 1996 NEC.

MASSACHUSETTS - (MA) 2002 - 1 Response
Massachusetts adopted the 2002 NEC as amended (thus the Massachusetts Electrical Code) in January 2002. Every cycle, Massachusetts adopts the NEC as amended by the MA Board of Fire Prevention Regulations (part of the MA State Fire Marshal’s office), which issues a set of amendments to the current NEC that is published separately or bound into the NEC. The amended document is then called the Massachusetts Electrical Code. Typically, there are 20 to 30 pages of amendments to the NEC that we in Massachusetts must abide by.

MICHIGAN - (MI) 1999 - No Response

MINNESOTA - (MN) 2002 - 1 Response
The 2002 Code was adopted in September 2002.

MISSISSIPPI - (MS) 1999 - 3 Responses
Mississippi adopted the 1999 NEC in September 2001 but has not formally adopted the 2002 Code. This is left to the jurisdiction of the local communities, but most of the major communities and a lot of the minor ones are using the 2002 NEC. Some are still using the 1999 Code, mostly in the southern part of the state. The Building Official’s Association of Mississippi has been active in urging communities to adopt the latest editions of various Codes.

MISSOURI - (MO) 1999 - 1 Response
Missouri adopted the 1999 NEC in September 2001. This link is an excellent reference for the latest adopted Code information - code ref.url,

MONTANA - (MT) 2002 - No Response

NEBRASKA - (NE) 2002 - 1 Response
Nebraska adopted the 2002 NEC, effective in August 2002.

NEVADA - (NV) ? - 2 Responses
Nevada is using the 1999 NEC. The City of Las Vegas has adopted the 2002 Code. North Las Vegas and Henderson will be accepting the 2002 Code on July 7, 2003. The County will accept the Electrical Code when they accept the latest UBC, so that is unknown.

NEW HAMPSHIRE - (NH) 2002 - 1 Response
New Hampshire adopted the 2002 NEC, effective in July 2002.

NEW JERSEY - (NJ) 2002 - 15 Responses
The 2002 NEC was adopted in New Jersey on May 5, 2003. The 1999 NEC is in use in New Jersey until November 2003 when the 2002 NEC takes over. Inspectors in the field in New Jersey are using the 2002 NEC. New Jersey is uniform statewide but localities may have some flexibility.

NEW MEXICO - (NM) 2002 - 2 Responses
New Mexico adopted the 2002 NEC plus amendments on July 30, 2002. See the following for the NMEC:

NEW YORK - (NY) 1999 - 15 Responses
New York State has adopted and operates under the 1999 NEC with amendments. Effective in July 2002, New York State adopted a new building code designed around the International Building Code, which recognized the 1999 NEC. Up until that time, the referenced standard was the 1993 NEC under the previous New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, but most jurisdictions were following the 2002 version.

The only exclusion for the New York State Building Code and referenced standards is New York City (which has its own building and electrical code). New York City’s code is the 1999 NEC with NYC amendments. Both the city and the state adopted the 1999 NEC independently effective Jan. 1, 2003. For additional information, contact the NY Board of Fire Underwriters (Electrical Inspection Agency) at 800-227-2761 or http://www.nybfu.org/home.htm , or the NYSDOS Code Enforcement and Administrations at 518-474-4073 or http://www.dos.state.ny.us/code/ls-codes.html.

A letter was referenced from James L. Harding, P.E., Sr. Building Construction Engineer, NYSDOS Codes Division for New York State as follows: “The recently adopted Codes of New York State provide the following requirements for electrical work. In all cases, compliance with the 1999 edition of the National Electrical Code (i.e., the NEC or NFPA 70) constitutes compliance with the Code. An alternate method of compliance with the Code is permitted in the Residential Code of New York State (RCNYS), for those buildings to which it applies. The alternate method consists of conformance with the electrical provisions of the RCNYS.

“You should know that New York State is a home rule state. This means that a municipality may adopt a more restrictive local standard (MRLS). Although more restrictive electrical provisions are uncommon, you should check with the township to insure that there are no such provisions when you apply for a building permit.

“The new Code is published in individual books specific to the type of building or system and is available from ICBO (800-284-4406), http://www.icbo.org). They also offer a searchable version of the codes in electronic form. Contact ICBO for information about costs and availability. They are not available online because they are copyrighted documents.”

NORTH CAROLINA - (NC) 2002 - 1 Response
North Carolina adopted the 2002 NEC in December 2001.

NORTH DAKOTA - (ND) 2002 - 1 Response
North Dakota adopted the 2002 NEC, effective in April 2002.

OHIO - (OH) 2002 - 6 Responses
Ohio adopted the 2002 NEC as of January 1, 2002. This would only apply to those areas with certified building departments or any commercial regulated projects.

OKLAHOMA - (OK) 2002 - No Response

OREGON - (OR) 2002 - 8 Responses
Oregon adopted the 2002 NEC standards, effective October 1, 2002. It was reported that the current Oregon Electrical Specialty Code book references the 2002 Code for changes, additions, and alterations.

PENNSYLVANIA - (PA) ? - 10 Responses
The 1999 NEC is the standard being taught in the classes sponsored by the Pennsylvania Code Training Consortium in preparation for the adoption of the Dept. of Labor and Industry Uniform Construction Code. There seems to be no statewide requirement. Pennsylvania has been working for years on a new Uniform Construction Code but it will not be effective until 2004. There is a requirement to comply with the 2002 NEC if you hold a Pittsburgh Electrical Contractors’ license. While the state does not require compliance with the NEC, the City of Pittsburgh and most surrounding boroughs and communities do. In southeastern Pennsylvania, work is done according to the 2002 Code.

In order to adopt a statewide code, it helps tremendously if there are requirements for licensing of electrical contractors. PA does not require electrical contractors to be licensed but it presently has licensing bills pending. They are Senate Bill 56, 2001 session, and House Bill 943, 2003 session. Both bills can be reviewed at the following address: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/WU01/L1/B1/billroom.htm.

Pennsylvania is adopting the UCC and all of the NEC as a reference guide. It will be posted on July 25th of this year and, depending on the local authority, it will become law in 90 to 120 days after that point. The problem is - there aren’t enough inspectors in the rural areas to enforce the Code. The locals have up to three years to have inspectors in place.

RHODE ISLAND - (RI) 2002 - 7 Responses
Rhode Island adopted the 2002 NEC, effective August 1, 2002. The Rhode Island fire codes are now being reviewed, due to the “Station Fire,” and should be updated soon.

SOUTH CAROLINA - (SC) ? - 4 Responses
South Carolina is using the 1999 NEC but different counties have their own agenda as to the year the Code was adopted. In four different counties in the western part of the state, most are at least 1999 Code. In July, some are adopting the 2002 Code.

The following is quoted in piecemeal: Every city and county in South Carolina that does not legally “opt out” of the Code Enforcement Program, must adopt and enforce the building codes required by law and authorized by the Building Codes Council. Local jurisdictions are restricted from promulgating their own building codes, in whole or in part, or adopting building codes not authorized by the Council. All chapters (except the Administrative Chapter) of all codes must be adopted in their entirety. Administrative Chapters may be adopted as part of the code or adopted by local ordinance at the option of the local jurisdictions. Appendixes are not automatically adopted with the text of the code and must be adopted separately, by name, in the adopting ordinance.

The 2002 edition of the NEC is to be adopted by local jurisdictions no later than July 1, 2003. Jurisdictions that have legally opted out of the code enforcement program at this time include: Richburg, Ehrhardt, Pamplico, Union County and Allendale County.

SOUTH DAKOTA - (SD) 2002 - 3 Responses
The 2002 NEC was adopted on July 1, 2002.

TENNESSEE - (TN) ? - 3 Responses
Tennessee is still using the 1999 Code but the 2002 NEC is under review. However, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville have all adopted and enforce the 2002 NEC.

TEXAS - (TX) ? - 6 Responses
While the State of Texas does not have a law requiring a statewide electrical license, the Texas Dept. of Transportation has adopted the 2002 edition of the NEC without change. While it is correct to say that Texas has a statewide HVAC&R license and a statewide plumbing license law, we have not been able so far to get a statewide electrical license law.

Texas licensing is done on a city-by-city basis. The North Texas Council of Governments adopted the 2002 with amendments. Most of the larger cities in Texas use the SBCC/ICC testing for licensing based on the 2002 Code, and most of the cities have adopted either the 1999 or 2002 Codes. However, some cities are still using the 1996 (or older) Codes. A construction manager in the Dallas TX area reported that the actual edition of the NEC enforced in Texas is set by the local authority having jurisdiction.

There are bills in both houses of the Texas state legislature that will create a state-licensing program for electricians. Presently, licensing is handled at the city level. The writing of this bill is difficult to understand and is vague concerning how it would deal with electricians already in business. It was also unclear about whether or not municipalities would be able to continue their own licensing programs. Most cities use SBCCI presently. These bills might drastically affect every practicing electrician in Texas. It might be to Texas electrician’s benefit to understand these bills and get involved in the process now before it becomes law.

UTAH - (UT) 2002 - No Response

VERMONT - (VT) 2002 - 3 Responses
Vermont adopted the 2002 NEC as of June 1, 2003 with some amendments. If you want to see these, they are on the Vermont State Website under Labor and Industry.

VIRGINIA - (VA) 1996 - 10 Responses
Virginia is definitely 1996 NEC with an update to the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code expected sometime in July to September 2003. It is hoped that by September 1, the 1999 NEC will be adopted and enforced. The 2002 Code is expected to be adopted during the last quarter of this year.

Since Virginia is still under the 1995 CABO, residential one- and two-family buildings are held to the 1993 NEC. Local jurisdictions in Virginia DO NOT have the option of using a different NEC. This is because VA is a “Dillon Rule” state, not a “home rule” state.

WASHINGTON - (WA) 2002 - 6 Responses
The State of Washington adopted the 2002 NEC on May 23, 2003, along with the new Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 296-46B. Washington will not adopt Art. 334 allowing the use of NM cable in buildings exceeding three floors. There are many new requirements in WAC 296-46B. The date of the permit will determine if the installation is inspected under the 1999 NEC or 2002 NEC. All certified electricians in the state will be mailed a copy of the new Washington Administrative Code. See the following URL for official word:

WEST VIRGINIA - (WV) 1999 - 2 Responses
West Virginia is at least at the 1999 Code level and confirmation has been received from the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office (WVSFMO) that they are still using the 1999 Code. This office provides plans review for all public buildings in the state with the exception of the large municipalities where it has given the local fire department permission to review plans of a specific type. All health care and educational facilities (and possibly others) are given final review by the state. There are plans to move to the 2002 Code after July 1, 2003.

WISCONSIN - (WI) 2002 - 3 Responses
Wisconsin adopted the 2002 NEC along with COMM 16 (state differences) to the NEC, effective May 1, 2003.

WYOMING - (WY) 2002 - 1 Response
Wyoming adopted the 2002 NEC, effective July 2002.

MIKE HOLT’S COMMENT: I’ve received close to 200 responses from newsletter members for current information on the NEC adoption status in various states, and with this information have compiled this report. Please know that each and every response was sincerely appreciated and I do thank you all for taking the time to participate. I hope that this information will be helpful and of some interest to all concerned.

If you have any additional information, please let me know. Mike@MikeHolt.com.

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