Proposed Changes for the 2005 NEC

Click here to download the Report on the actions of Code-Making Panels 1 through 20 proposals for the 2005 NEC.

Please take some time to review these proposals. If you feel positive or negative, you can let the Code panel members know your thoughts by making a comment online. You can make a difference.

Currently you cannot submit your comments online, but as soon as you can, I'll let you know.

Please do not email me your thoughts at this time. I'll be doing my own analysis and when I'm complete, I'll send it out as a Newsletter.

The closing date for comments is October 10, 2003, so we have a few months before we need to respond.

Again, please don't send me your thoughts on the proposed changes to the 2005 NEC because this notice was sent to 11,000 Electrical Professionals. If only 10% responded, I would have over 1,000 emails to respond to.

P.S. Remember, I'll let you know when you can put your two-cents in, via the Internet.

God Bless, Mike Holt

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