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Revisions to the 2005 NEC

70-05 SB First Printing NFPA 70
70-05 LL First Printing Revisions for Print Version of NEC



National Electrical Code®

2005 Edition

Reference: 2005 NEC ®

The National Electrical Code Correlating Committee notes the following errors in the 2005 edition of
NFPA 70, National Electrical Code.

How to Use this Errata Sheet

This is a list of errata to the first printing of the 2005 NEC ® . A first printing is indicated by the numeral 1
as the last digit in the line of number appearing at the bottom of the inside front cover.

1. Page 70-36 110.26(A)(1): Revise reference to “Table 110.26(A)(1)(1)” to read “Table 110.26(A)(1)”.
2. Page 70-47 210.8(A): Relocate text appearing at bottom of left-hand column that reads “Receptacles installed under the exceptions to 210.8(A)(5) shall not be considered as meeting the requirements of 210.52(G)” to the right-hand column following Exception No. 3 to 210.8(A)(5).
3. Page 70-59 220.14(K): Revise reference “220.14” to “220.14(I)” ...
4. Page 70-73 230.24(A): Revise fourth exception to “Exception No. 4”.
5. Page 70-78 230.72(B): First sentence, revise word “ore” to “more”.
6. Page 70-91 240.93 First paragraph & 240.93(A), (B), (C): Delete entire text.
7. Page 70-126 300.6(A): First sentence, revise “listed” to “approved”.
8. Page 70-139 Table 310.13: Underground service entrance cable – single conductor, revise thickness of insulation “mils” column from 5 to 45
9. Page 70-150 Table 310.64: 25,001 to 28,000 volts, 1 AWG and 1/0AWG – 2000 kcmil, 100% insulation level, revise 2.80 mils to 280 mils.
10. Page 70-174 Table 326.80: Revise amperes value for 1750 kcmil from 344 to 315
11. Page 70-176 330.10(B): Revise 770.52 to 770.133.
12. Page 70-182 336.104(C): Revise Class I to Class 1.
13. Page 70-363 502.150(A)(1): Revise 502.100(A) to 502.10(A).14. Page 70-374 505.9(B)(1) Listing.: Revise second sentence, “Equipment that is listed of for a Zone 1 location shall be permitted in a Zone 2 location of the same gas or vapor, provided that it is installed in accordance with the requirements for the marked type of protection.”
15. Page 70-386

506.9(D) Exception No.2: Revise “500.6(D) and Table 500.6(D)” to “500.8(B) and Table 500.8(B)”.

16. Page 70-444 547.9(A)(2): Revise 230.24(A) to 230.24.
17. Page 70-584 760.8: Add new Fine Print Note to read, “FPN: One source of information describing industry practices is ANSI/NECA 305-2001, Standard for Fire Alarm System Job Practice.”
18. Page 70-590 760.81(C) FPN: Revise second sentence, “Similarly, one method of defining fire-resistant cables is be by establishing a maximum allowable flame travel distance of 1.52 m (5 ft) when tested in accordance with the same test.
19. Page 70-591 Table 760.81(G): Revise 760.31 to 760.81 in three references.
20. Page 70-595 770.179(A): Revise title “Types OFND and OFCD” to “Types OFNP and OFCP.”
21. Page 70-613 Table 820.113: Revise reference for CATVX from “820.179(D) and 820.154(C)” to “820.179(D) and 820.154(D)”
22. Page 70-626 Chapter 9, Table 4, Article 362 – Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT): Add Trade Size “2” in second column.
23. Page 70-717 Example D1(a): Under “Minimum Feeder Size” revise “Range (see Table 220.19)” to “Range (see Table 220.55)”.
24. Page 70-722 Example D4(b): Under “Feeder Neutral Load for Feeder from Service Equipment to Meter Bank (For 20 Dwelling Units) revise “[see Table 220.55 and Table 220.61(B)]” to “[see Table 220.55 and 220.61(B)]”.
25. Page 70-681 Table C.5: Revise table heading from “CONDUCTORS” to “FIXTURE WIRES”
26. Page 70-686 Table C.6: Revise table heading from “CONDUCTORS” to “FIXTURE WIRES”
27. Page 70-726 Annex E – Types of Construction: Second paragraph, fourth sentence, revise “Type 1” to “Type I”.

Issue Date: December 24, 2004
Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved

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