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My name is Dennis Kott, and I have been teaching electrical classes for Macomb Community College for the past 11 years, and now also at Davenport University the past year. I am also a master electrician and an electrical contractor since 1980. In that time, I have been using your books for the NEC update classes since Michigan required the 15-hour update class. I have had a state certified class since 1993.

Your material has been an enormous help in getting me prepped for the class. Your PowerPoint presentations, DVD's, and books have made my class a big success. I am just writing you to let you know how much help you have given me but also my students. I point all of my students to your site for information and books.

I recently developed a prep class for journeyman and master electricians. I have run the class for electricians at Chrysler's and others, and I used your book as the text reference for the class. I'm looking forward to using your books in the future.

I just wanted to send you a couple of lines to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to the electrical industry.

Thanks Again,
Dennis J Kott

Sarina! Mike! Mike C!

After the first long day of Codebook, to PowerPoint, to Quizzes. One of the usual negatives is "We need printouts of the pictures you showed us!" We then agree and hand out the textbook at that time. The students are so happy to see the text & graphic explanations of the tough code issues -- they don't even gripe about the homework list that comes with it!

We tried to use overheads and flip charts. We tried homework and small bribes. We thought about threats and scary costumes. Until we organized ourselves around Mike's textbook and PowerPoint presentation it was impossible to cover everything in the time allotted.

As many have said before ... you folks are great! Your product content is first-rate and well produced. We feel blessed to be working with you.

Thanks again!
Scott Davis
Electric License
Riverside, California


Mike's newsletters, video's and website links are wonderful tools for keeping us up with the electrical industry. Thank you for providing these services. The Code library I purchased in December has been a great addition to our company. As McMullen's educational director, it has allowed me to help our employee's who struggle with the NEC.

Greg Aaserud
McMullen Electric

Mike Holt's Comment: Thank you guys for your positive comments. We work very hard to producing the finest four-color books, videos/DVDs and PowerPoint programs for training centers as well as individuals. If you are an instructor, be sure to visit our instructor website at, for lots of FREE stuff.

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