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Understanding the Latest Changes to the 2005 NEC Cooper Bussman Press Release


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Understanding the Latest Changes to the 2005 National Electrical Code®

ST. LOUIS - Cooper Bussmann makes it easy. Now electrical inspectors, engineers, contractors, electricians, and plant maintenance personnel have an easy-to-understand, comprehensive 20-page guide to important circuit protection changes to the 2005 National Electrical Code®.

The 2005 NEC® has new requirements for certain equipment and motor controllers to be marked with their short-circuit current rating. It now requires that industrial panels, industrial machinery electrical panels, certain HVAC equipment, motor controllers and certain meter disconnects be marked with their short-circuit current rating. This rating should be equal to or greater than the available short-circuit current where the equipment is installed in the system.

Selective Coordination is also now required in Articles 700, 701 and 517 for increased system reliability for emergency systems, legally required standby systems, and essential electrical systems in health care facilities. Selective coordination can be defined as isolating an overloaded or faulted circuit from the remainder of the electrical system by having only the nearest upstream overcurrent protective device open.

Other Code changes include series ratings in existing facilities, and application ratings for motor controllers.

To make sure you are in compliance, ask your Bussmann® representative for a copy of the Update on 2005 Code Changes or visit for a pdf copy and companion PowerPoint training presentation.

Cooper Bussmann, a division of Cooper Industries, is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and manufactures and markets circuit protection products globally for the electrical, electronic and automotive industries. Additional information about Cooper Bussmann is available online at:

Editor's Note: Please direct Reader Inquiries to Marsha Wolke, IQ Systems, 18 N. Central Drive, O'Fallon, MO 63366.

Click on the following link to view and download a PDF copy:

12a. NEC Code Changes Textbook
Mike Holt’s Illustrated Changes to the NEC 2005 textbook is here! So, get ready now!

A new Code cycle has begun and it’s that time again to adapt to the 2005 NEC. Don’t let the scale of this change intimidate you. With Mike Holt’s Illustrated Changes to the NEC 2005, you’ll be up-to-speed in no time. Nearly 5,000 changes were proposed for the 2005 NEC! Over 225 of them will have a significant impact on designing, installing and inspecting electrical systems. Mike takes you through these changes, which he considers to be of critical importance. You’ll be able to easily gauge how these changes will impact your work and apply them instantly. This 120-page comprehensive full-color textbook includes 198 color illustrations for reference. Subjects include: General Requirements, Circuits and Protection, Grounding versus Bonding, Wiring Methods, Equipment for General Use, Special Occupancies, Special Equipment, Special Conditions, and Limited Energy and Communications Systems.

Why does Mike’s book give you an edge? It’s because of the extra effort put forth to organize these changes in an easy-to-follow manner. Each change includes:

  • Cross references to other related Code requirements to help you develop a better understanding of how the Code rules relate to one another.
  • Background information for each change along with explanations, which are delivered in Mike’s trademark style… easy-to-understand.
  • Author’s Comments – this is basically Mike speaking to you directly about something that he feels should be brought to your attention.
  • Full-color detailed graphics to reinforce those difficult concepts and provide instant understanding.

Product Code: 05BK
ISBN: 1-932685-27-8
Pages: 120
Illustrations: 198

Table of Contents
Sample Pages
Sample Graphic

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