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2005 NEC Article 353 Questions and Answers

The following are practice questions and answers for Article 353 of the 2005 National Electrical Code. I am sending these out for your review. Your feedback and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Questions: Article 353

1. HDPE can be manufactured _____.

(a) in specific lengths
(b) in continuous lengths from a reel
(c) only in 20 ft. lengths.
(d) either a or c

2. HDPE is permitted to be installed _____.

(a) where subject to chemicals for which the conduit is listed
(b) In cinder fill
(c) In direct burial installations in earth or concrete.
(d) all of the above

3. There is never a case where HDPE can be installed in a hazardous location.

(a) True
(b) False

4. HDPE is not permitted to be installed _____.

(a) where exposed.
(b) within a building.
(c) for conductors operating at a temperature above the rating of the raceway.
(d) all of the above

5. HDPE is not permitted where it will be subject to ambient temperatures in excess of _____.

(a) 50 degrees C
(b) 60 degrees C
(c) 75 degrees C
(d) 90 degrees C

6. HDPE is allowed only in trade sizes _____.

(a) ¾ to 4
(b) ½ to 4
(c) 1 to 5
(d) 1 to 3

7. Bends made in HDPE must be made ____.

(a) in manner that would not damage the raceway
(b) so as not to significantly change the internal diameter of the raceway
(c) only with mechanical bending tools
(d) a and b

8. Bends made in HDPE must not exceed _____ degrees between pull points.

(a) 180
(b) 270
(c) 360
(d) 480

9. The cut ends of HDPE must be _____ to avoid rough edges.

(a) filed on the inside
(b) trimmed inside and outside
(c) cut only with a hack saw
(d) all of the above

10. When HDPE enters a box, fitting, or other enclosure, a(n) _____ must be provided to protect the wire from abrasion for conductors smaller than 4 AWG where the box design does not provide such protection.

(a) bushing
(b) adapter
(c) a or b
(d) reducing bushing

11. Any joints between lengths of HDPE must be made using _____.

(a) expansion fittings
(b) an approved method
(c) a listed method
(d) none of these

12. Where equipment grounding (bonding) is required for an installation of HDPE, a separate equipment grounding (bonding) conductor _____.

(a) must be an insulated copper conductor
(b) must be installed within the conduit
(c) must be stranded bare copper wire
(d) must be a solid bare copper wire

13. HDPE must be resistant to _____.

(a) moisture
(b) corrosive chemical atmospheres
(c) impact and crushing
(d) a, b, and c

14. Each length of HDPE must be clearly and durably marked not less than every _____ ft, as required in 110.21.

(a) 10
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 20

Answers: Article 353

1. (d) 353.10(1)
2. (d) 353.10(2), (3), and (4)
3. (b) 353.12(3)
4. (d) 353.12(1), (2), and (5)
5. (a) 353.12(4)
6. (b) 353.20(A), and (B)
7. (d) 353.24
8. (c) 353.26
9. (b) 353.28
10. (c) 353.46
11. (b) 353.48
12. (b) 353.60
13. (d) 353.100
14. (a) 353.120

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