Stray Voltage - Comments

Comment by Donald W. Zipse

IEEE Life Fellow

Since when is it acceptable to have an unknown and uncontrolled amount of electrical current that can be and is harmful to not only cows but human and other animals flowing uncontrolled over the earth?

If the water system return conduit was open and allowing sewage to flow uncontrolled all over the earth we would all be upset and raising hell since it was seeable. Just because electricity is unseen it is permitted to flow over the earth uncontrolled in amount and quantity.

Just because some university has published something does not mean it is acceptable science. Look behind and find out who funded the study, then judge the study for creditability.

The utility suggested to the Smith's that their three boys, 9, 7, and 4 1/2 years old not play in their own back yard bare footed and not to use their above ground swimming pool or hot tub. 8 volts from metallic swing set and 7 volts form hot tub to earth. The situation lasted all summer without the utility finding and fixing the problem. This is still the condition even after the utility installed 5 or 7,000 feet of new multigrounded neutral conductor. It would have been better to have installed an insulated neutral just like industrials and commercial facilities use - 5 wire systems.

With humans we can talk and tell when we are being shocked, but since when can a cow speak? With humans it is the current that causes reaction, not the voltage. The voltage only pushed the current and once the breakover level of voltage is reached higher levels of voltage does not matter. Cows have nerves, circulating system similar to humans, yet voltage is the measurement made to determine if there is a problem, not current like in humans.

I am preparing a technical paper to be presented next September on Multigrounded Neutral Electrical Distribution Systems and the Hazards associated with them. My paper will be based on FACT, historical facts. My research goes all the way back to Edison who in his patent application stated the earth should not be used for return current as his workmen and the traction company trackmen were getting electric shocks. On the same program will be a person who has an engineering firm doing business with utilities who will present the advantages of the multigrounded neutral systems. Until then I must withhold my comments.

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