I am sending you a picture of a metal blade from a Greenlee metal handled PVC saw. The user of this saw was instructed by his site supervisor on a large school campus project to cut into some PVC. The site was being upgrade for fiber optics. There was much 4" conduit that was direct bored around the campus.

Because of several mistakes the laborer was directed to cut the utility’s primary feeder thinking it was part of the direct bored conduit. Luckily for him all of the safety precautions put in place by the utility worked.

The person using the metal saw, with his bare hands down in a ditch did not get shocked, burned or flashed. He was only startled and obviously upset with the supervisor. The site supervisor was immediately fired for his negligence.

I now keep this blade in my office as a reminder of how things can go terribly wrong if the correct information is not passed along or a Forman does not do their job properly. It always questioned by anyone who sees it.

As you know safety cannot ever be over stressed.

Paul J. Fagan
Florida: EC 0002520
Georgia: EN 212790, LVU405397
Electrical Division Manager

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