Always Test for Voltage


I was teaching my class last night and one student told me the following story that happened at his plant.

An outside electrical contractor installed a 100A, 460V three-phase panel. The electrician cut the feed too short, so what does he do? He put the 460V line on the load side terminals and he did not tell anyone.

Later, when one of the plant electricians had to pull fuses on this switch, he opened the switch and tested the terminals to make sure the circuit was de-energized. Lo and behold he found the load side of the switch energized!

Lesson Learned? Always test the line and load terminal and assume the circuit is energized.

I have heard of this situation happening two times, and both times the electrician did not test for lack of potential. One time the electrician used an ohmmeter to check the fuses and naturally the meter was destroyed and the electrician received severe burns.
I teach residential, commercial, and industrial students and I am forever preaching SAFETY.


Bob Friebel

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