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Arc-Flash Hazard [NEC 110.16]


I am looking for information on locating Arc Flash Analysis training seminars. I am most interested in locating a seminar directed at engineers based on the IEEE 1584 Standard and the 2004 70E.

Mike's Comment: Visit They have a 2-day program that will explain:

  • What causes an arc-flash
  • Regulations and standards pertaining to arc flash hazard
  • Types of personal protective equipment
  • Steps required to perform an arc-flash hazard analysis
  • Methods to mitigate and reduce arc-flash hazards

This seminar will introduce the students to arc-flash hazard. Upon completion, the students will learn what causes an arc-flash, what regulations and standards say about arc flash, reasons for performing an arc flash hazard analysis, and what the steps are for accurately performing an analysis. The student will learn information that is required to perform an analysis as well as determining the proper personal protective equipment required.

New terms will be introduced such as limited, restricted, and prohibited approach boundary as well as flash protection boundary, incident energy and arcing fault current. Various manual and computer techniques will be introduced to calculate arc-flash hazard. IEEE Standard 1584 will be the primary focus along with information from various texts, standards, and regulations from NFPA 70E, IEEE Buff and Red book.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of short-circuit calculations and protective devices coordination. Familiarity with Electrical Hazard Analysis and NFPA 70E is a plus.

Tuition: $595
Location Start Date End Date
Washington, DC Area 9/27/2004 9/28/2004
Cincinnati, Ohio 9/30/2004 10/1/2004
Endicott, New York 10/19/2004 10/20/2004
Dallas, Texas 11/1/2004 11/2/2004
Washington, DC Area 1/11/2005 1/12/2005
Atlanta, Georgia 2/8/2005 2/9/2005
Washington, DC Area 4/12/2005 4/13/2005
Dallas, Texas 5/3/2005 5/4/2005
Dallas, Texas 8/9/2005 8/10/2005
Washington, DC Area 10/12/2005 10/13/2005
Dallas, Texas 11/1/2005 11/2/2005

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