Dear Mike Holt,

I recently viewed your class on the NEC code update & once again found the training to be excellent.  Thank you for producing this course.

One thing that I thought that I should bring to your attention, had to do with Class 1, Division 1 locations.

I have had the opportunity to work on a number of installations in these hazardous locations.  Working with cordless tools in these locations during construction, of course presented no problems, as no fumes have yet accumulated. As I latter learned using cordless drills etc., in these locations  after normal operation begins presents an extreme hazard.

I have a friend that works as a mechanic in the aviation industry (Airborne Express).  He related to me what recently happened to one of his fellow coworkers.  This mechanic needed to do some work on the plane, inside the fuel tank which is of course in the wing.  So he climbed inside the wing with a cordless drill in hand, and saddle as soon as he squeezed the trigger the plane exploded.  While this is not technically a Class 1, Division 1 location you can surely understand that the same hazards would also be present in such a location.

With most cordless electric tools there is a sizable spark at the brushes each time the switch is squeezed.  And while it is true that many other battery operated devices such as computers, DPAs, cell phones etc., don't have mechanical systems causing an ignition point, there is the potential for a battery that is under load, that was inadvertently knocked loose or disconnected to be a possible source of ignition.

I am not the smartest guy in the world & have certainly done my share of absent minded things, & being so used to using my cordless tools that they are practically attached to my hands, if it would not have been for my friend relating this account to me, I could see myself taking such a tool into a Class 1, Division 1 location absent mindedly.

I am sure that some of our companions in the Electrical field might also do the same.

Certainly with your ability to reach so many, by dispensing this information you have the very real potential to save lives & thereby families also.

Thank You for taking the time to read this note & for all you hard work.  Keep up the good work.

If you would like more info on this account or to contact me please do so at 509-484-7525 or


Gregory Hafer

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