How do electrical wiring faults lead to structure ignitions?

A sizable fraction of ignitions of structures are due to electrical faults associated with wiring or with wiring devices. Surprisingly, the modes in which electrical faults progress to ignitions of structure have not been extensively studied. This paper reviews the known, published information on this topic and then  points out areas where further research is needed. The focus is solely on single-phase, 120/240 V distribution systems. It is concluded that systematic research has been inordinately scarce on this topic, and that much of the research that does exists is only available in Japanese. Want the details? See the link below.

Electricity and Fires, by the NFPA

This chapter discusses the analysis of electrical systems and equipment. The primary emphasis is on buildings with 120/240-volt, single-phase electrical systems. These voltages are typical in residential and commercial buildings. This chapter also discusses the basic principles of physics that relate to electricity and fire. Want the details? See the link below.

Mike Holtís Comment: The link to the above two articles is contained in the August 15th, 2003 ElectricalZONE.

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