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The Use of Low-Voltage Current-Limiting Fuses to Reduce Arc-Flash Energy

Richard L. Doughty, Fellow, IEEE, Thomas E. Neal, Terry L. Macalady, Vincent Saporita, Member, IEEE, and Kenneth Borgwald

SINCE energy is the integral of power with respect to time, one would expect, and tests have confirmed, that the thermal incident energy from an electric arc exposure is directly proportional to the time duration of the arc [1], [2]. Any mechanism, which detects the presence of the arc and opens, the circuit in a relatively short time is effective in limiting the amount of incident energy exposure created by the arc. One common class of protective equipment that provides quick circuit opening in the event of an arc with high currents is the current-limiting fuse. When operating in the current-limiting range, the fuse typically opens the circuit in less than 1/2 cycle or 8.3 ms.

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