Attack Of The Squirrels

One morning, three years ago, my family and I got up early to go on a trip. Suddenly, we saw smoke coming out of our TV, even when it was off. Immediately, my daughter screamed from the bathroom telling us that the light bulb exploded. My son yelled from his bedroom too, and my wife from the kitchen. It was pandemonium in our house. I had no idea what was going on.

After turning off the main panel breaker, I went out to check the transformer at the pole. I did not see any obvious damage in the transformer, but I saw the bare aluminum (neutral) wire cut. I called the power company, and when they came to check the problem, they told us that the squirrels ate the wire until it was cut. We lost all of our electronic equipment, two refrigerators, fire alarms, etc.

I have two questions: Is there anything the power company can do to the neutral wire to protect it from the rodents? What can I do to prevent future damage to our electronic components? Yesterday, I checked the wire and it looks like the squirrels already ate some sections of the neutral wire again. The power company does not take any responsibility for this, and they do not have a solution to the problem. Please advise!

Henry De Leon,

Over this past weekend I was in Lancaster, PA helping my son move to a new house. We met the next-door neighbor, who told me that she and her husband had inherited their house from his father. Not long before his death, the father had complained to his son about the squirrels eating the insulation off the wires in the attic of his 170-year-old house. The neighbors had inherited the house and moved there in April 2000. In September 2000, the house burned down from an electrical fire.

I think I will have to be more vigilant in getting rid of the flying squirrels in my attic.

Victor M. Ammons,

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