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Keeping the Lights On!


This is a photo of a lighting contactor at a supermarket. The coil went bad so they cable tied it so the lights would stay on. I thought my fellow newsletter members would find this interesting.


Basic Electrical Theory Book — 2002
Do you know where electricity comes from? To be able to say yes to that question, you must understand a bit about the physics of matter. What value does a brief study of the nature of matter have for the student of electrical theory? The understanding that comes from that study lays the foundation for understanding electrical theory. Only when you know the theory can you truly have confidence in the practical aspects of your electrical work. This all new 368-page illustrated textbook and workbook provides hundreds of detailed examples, practice questions, practice exams, summaries, introductions and conclusions.

Product Code: ETFC
ISBN: 0-9710307-5-8
Illustrations: 278

Table of Contents
Sample Pages
Sample Graphic


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