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Member Needs Help with an Unusual Request

Dear Group

Here's an unusual request:

I am writing my third book, a novel entitled "Dead Air". It concerns a radio station and its Chief Engineer who is found dead in his transmitter. About a third of the way through the book it is discovered that his death was caused by low-voltage (i.e. 120v) electrocution. That is inconsistent with the fact he was found in the high-voltage (5,000-7,000v) portion of the transmitter. The plot then becomes a murder mystery as someone must have killed him and placed the body in the transmitter!

I am looking for someone with expertise in electrocution and how low and high voltage electrocution manifest themselves in a human body and how they differ in effects, wounds, marks etc. If any of you have expertise in this area, I would be delighted to give an acknowledgement in the finished book.

Can you help me? Many thanks in advance.

Steve Lampen
Multimedia Technology Manager
Belden Cable
A division of Belden CDT

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