Oops Factor: We All Have Near Misses
Electricity can be hazardous: You cannot afford a mistake.
But if you ever do ... at least you're not alone.
That's it!   Dang it, Henry!   Will you PLEASE rip up that stupid map!
This runway is closed, right?   They said it was closed, right?!
I don't know either. Must be a problem with the artificial horizon.
Yeah, I know.   But, hey, any take-off you can't walk away from ...
Yes, sir. I believe the galley now knows what you meant by lean ground beef.
Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up!
Uh-oh. Wrong launch button ...
UN version of the Blue Angels [MIG 29] ...
Hope this brightened your day ... now back to work.

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