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NEC - Practice Questions - Article 90 (7-8-99)

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Article 90 Introduction of the NEC - Practice Questions

1. The National Electrical Code is _____.
(a) intended to be a design manual
(b) meant to be used as an instruction guide for untrained persons
(c) for the practical safeguarding of persons and property
(d) published by the Bureau of Standards

2. Compliance with the provisions of the Code will result in ______.
(a) good electrical service
(b) an efficient electrical system
(c) an electrical system free from hazard
(d) all of these

3. The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. This Code contains provisions considered necessary for safety regardless of _____ .
(a) efficient use
(b) convenience
(c) good service or future expansion
(d) all of these

4. The Code applies to the installation of _____.
(a) of electrical conductors and equipment within or on public and private buildings
(b) of outside conductors and equipment on the premises.
(c) of optical fiber cable.
(d) all these

5. The Code does not cover installations in ships, watercraft, railway rolling stock, aircraft, or automotive vehicles.
(a) True
(b) False

6. Installations of communications equipment under the exclusive control of communications utilities located outdoors or in building spaces used exclusively for such installations ______ covered by the Code.
(a) are
(b) are sometimes
(c) are not
(d) might be

7. Chapters 1 through 4 of the NEC apply ______.
(a) generally to all electrical installations
(b) to special installations and conditions
(c) to special equipment and material
(d) all of these

8. The authority having jurisdiction of enforcement of the Code has the responsibility ______.
(a) for making interpretations of the rules of the Code
(b) for deciding upon the approval of equipment and materials
(c) for waving specific requirements in the Code and allowing alternate methods and material if safety is maintained
(d) all of these

9. Explanatory material, such as references to other standards, references to related Sections of the Code, or information related to a Code rule is included in the Code book in the form of a Fine Print Note (FPN).
(a) True
(b) False

10. Equipment listed by a qualified electrical testing laboratory is not required to have the _____ wiring to be reinspected at the time of installation.
(a) external
(b) associated
(c) internal
(d) all of these