2011 Master Exam Basic Preparation Package

Dear Mike, You said if we pass our Masters (Administrators in WA) test to let you know. I passed it today, and yes it was grueling, but I wouldn't have stood a chance without your Masters Exam Prep material! This is the second time I have used it to pass such a test, first in 1998 for my Colorado Masters, now 2012 for my WA Administrators License. The difference is that this time I only had 6 weeks to prepare! So I must say that even if a person only has a limited time to prepare, is dedicated to the cause, and the wife doesn't divorce him due to the lack of attention, it can be done! The only thing NOT Covered in the Masters Prep Manual is the problem of taking the first half of the test the night before in ones dreams! I told the proctor in the AM that I was ready to take the second half and get graded! She understood! Once again, thanks for such a good product and the DVD testing was excellent to sharpen ones timing skills! Sincerely, Greg Peeples ---------- Your Master Basic Exam Preparation study material is excellent. It forces you to use the Code book as you would have to in a test environment when sometimes you already knew the answer in your head. I would recommend it. Jeff Frank