2011 NEC Detailed Library DVDs

Mike, I have watched all of the DVDs in your "Understanding the NEC" series and I really appreciate your straight forward explanations as well as the input from the guys on the panel.  I found it really informative to hear perspectives from people working in different facets of the trade as well as practical examples of the Code.  You guys have done a great job with this material.



Kudos to the Mike Holt team. The Code DVD’s were excellent.  I actually used them in my apprenticeship class as a teaching tool. I would play a bit, listen to the board's comments and then pause it and have a micro symposium. A lot of misunderstanding was corrected and some really good teachable moments were accomplished. Thank you for your dedication to the trade, and the addition of Michael to the panel was stellar. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your dedication to the Lord at the very onset. I believe that’s one of the reasons Mike is so blessed.

Tee Raynes


I purchased the 2011 and 2014 NEC libraries last year. One of the best investments I have made in my career. I listen to it in my truck and call it truck college!

Bruce Angeloszek


I really like Mike's way of explaining the Electric Code in the Detailed Code Library - it helps us to understand through the use of pictures.

Mahesh Chokshi


I purchased the Detailed Code Library. What I like the most, is that Mike and the panel break the Code down to a shop floor language.

Ron Delatore


I am an electrical contractor and inspector, your Detailed Code Library helped me a lot in preparing for exams. Also I would like to thank you for "God bless", it helps a lot in my life. Thank you Mike.

Zdzislaw Pekala