2011 Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library DVDs

Mr. Holt, I am really enjoying your Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library. Your DVDs and literature are very well put together and easy to understand. The graphics are accurate and enable me to better understand the curriculum. Thanks to you, Brian and your team for your passion to educate others.  And for producing a great learning tool for others such as myself who are as passionate about doing the job safely and correct. Thanks Again,

David Heller


Just want to say thanks for your products. Very thorough and informative yet easy to understand and taught from someone in the trade. Really enjoyed the DVD’s as I learned. I bought the Masters/contractors library and thought it was kind of expensive but it was recommended to me by a friend and coworker. I now see it was worth every penny. I feel like I learned a lot more than just being able to pass a test. I passed the Virginia Masters exam on the first try. Really felt thoroughly prepared. I will be coming back for more products as I continue learning everything I can in our trade. Thanks and keep up the good work. God Bless, 

​Benjamin Bull


This program lays out what you need from the beginning and takes you from the basics to the challenging topics, but you can work at your own pace. The nice thing for me was that I could go back over the materials once or twice and I learned something new every time. It has taught me how to keep digging into the NEC book and to become more familiar with it and that gives me an advantage over others who have been in the field longer but they don’t know the code book as well. I have to say that this journey in the field has been difficult and I have had many questions and sleepless nights. But like any good thing in life, if you want it bad enough you never stop fighting. I have my masters now and I can say I still learn something new everyday. I love your materials and will continue to use them forever. God Bless you all and thanks for everything.

Jose G.

P.S.   People who or thinking about these materials don't think about it. Get it as soon as you can it well truly open your eyes in the electrical field. Its truly the best materials out there... Its AWESOME...


I want to take a moment to thank Mike Holt and his staff for their commitment and dedication to the electrical industry and creating products for all of us to use. Back in 2009 I had completed my apprenticeship training and was qualified to take the Wyoming journeyman exam. After hearing about Mike Holt I purchased the journeyman exam prep material and started studying. A few months later with a great sense of confidence I took it and passed on the first try.

Fast forward to late 2016 and I had the opportunity at work to apply for a promotion.  I was selected and accepted the position with the exception that I could obtain my Masters license within 7 months.  Without hesitation, I logged on to the Mike Holt website to purchase the Masters exam prep material.  I was fortunate enough to also pair this material with the exam prep DVDs from a fellow electrician.  Yesterday, January 26th, almost two months from my start studying date, I took the Wyoming Masters exam for the first time.  And again with a complete feeling of confidence passed on the first try. 165 hours dedicated to the books and 77 practice exams later.

Thank you again and God bless Mike Holt and his staff.  I would not hesitate for one second to use their product.  In the future I am going to attend a seminar and hope to get to thank you in person. You are definitely a mentor of mine without even knowing it.

Scott Wald


I was able to pass the South Carolina electrical exam on my first attempt with the help of your Master Comprehensive Library.  Thanks.

Mitch Reed


Thank Mike Holt for the professionalism he promotes in our trade and all that he stands for. I was busy with marriage, the kids, work and still found a way to pass a Master test by 32 years of age. Thanks to this comprehensive library I purchased. Great product, Great guy..... God Bless.

Matthew Holloway


I just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass my Ohio electrical test (1st time!) I would not have had a shot without the help of you and your team. I have been a residential only electrician for 12 years and didn't really have a clue about all the other aspects of the electrical field until now. The Master/Comprehensive Library was the perfect program. I really liked the way you ran your program and the fact that you insisted on going through all the DVDs a second time, that really was the key for me personally for the information to sink in. All that information plus the Snapz testing course I really felt comfortable during the exam and would recommend your program to anybody interested in taking an exam or wishing to gain further knowledge in any electrical department. Thanks again.

Alex McMahon


Mike and the team did an awesome job of breaking down the Code, and the discussion of actual experience was worth all the money spent on the Master Comprehensive program. The information from the electrical exam DVDs was the best decision I have made. I am now a Master Electrician in the state of Minnesota. Thanks Mike and all the guys from your panels.

Todd Roberts


I purchased the Mike Holt Comprehensive Library and without it I wouldn't have been able to pass the New York master electrician exam. I want to thank Mike Holt and his staff for the excellent study materials they have made. God Bless.



I tested in Georgia for Non Restricted Electrical License and I passed the first time. By the grace of God and your Master Comprehensive Library that I studied, I was prepared for the questions. I feel that your course had me zipping thru the questions and locating them in the NEC code book with ease. Once again, Thanks Mike.



WOW! I am impressed with all the materials and content in Mike Holt's Master Comprehensive Library. The presentation and thoroughness of the material is amongst some of the best I've ever seen. The material is really broken down and makes it really fun to read. I am really enjoying it, and have even shown and bragged to others. I will definitely buy more, when I reach that point.

Patrick Ramirez, PE


I PASSED!!! I spent the last several months after work and on the weekends watching Mike's DVDs from the Master Comprehensive Library. I had to sacrifice a lot of personal time to work the tests and study guides. Not only do I have a basic understanding of the Code, I also have a strong foundation to build the rest of my career. Because, Mike or someone on the panel takes the time to explain why a Code rule is important, and how the Code fits together. I recognize the amount of time I had to put in to understand the material was minute compared to the amount of time and effort Mike puts into his course material. I could not have done it without the prepared coarse work from Mike Holt and his crew.

John Bartelt


I like the way things are explained, Mike explains everything in a way that anybody can understand it.I started as a helper, I went to a trade school (ATC), I took the journeyman license and passed it, I got enrolled in a Contractor school to get the master license, and when I passed the business and law test I bought your full master comprehensive course; that's when I realized that I was able to pass tests, but I didn't understand how electricity works, how current tries to go back to the source or any of that. It's the first time that I wasn't taught to pass a test, but to understand how everything works. This was the only course available that things are explained.

Walter Perrone


Thank you for the Master Exam Prep DVD library. I passed my master exam with an 87%. Great program - I will use it every time I have to test.

Michael Thompson