2011 Understanding NEC Requirements for Limited Energy and Communications Systems DVD

The Limited Energy Systems book is a complete surprise - more than complete! I have always appreciated the quality of both your products and the information you provide on your email broadcasts. Keep it up. I recommend this site to all my electrician apprentices and friends. (Hey, a few enemies also. Even if you don't like them, you gotta love them.)

Dave Johnson


I have been working in and around the HVAC/R trade since 2002. I recently moved to Wyoming where they require a Limited Electrical License to do any electrical work in the state. I went into the local electrical wholesaler and they directed me to your website - I bought the Limited Energy study materials. Let me say this much, my stress level was significantly reduced from the quality and simpleness of your materials. I still had to study the code itself and endure some really dry reading, but your simple explanations covered what I needed to succeed. Today I passed my exam on the first try and much of it is attributed to your book and DVD! I recommend your materials for the time it saved me trying to simplify a complex code book, for narrowing down the sections I should focus on, and especially for the savings in stress. Thank you for helping me become a better technician and a legal one too!



I purchased the the Basic Electrical Theory textbook, and the Low Voltage/Limited Energy textbook. Your products made it very easy to pass my exams. Thank you.

Steven Boyd