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In-House Training Products

Excellent product and advice. The DVDs are proving themselves invaluable for the electricians within our agency. They are saving our instructors countless hours of course preparation and providing excellent training at the same time resulting in meeting agency training goals and saving taxpayer money. Thank you and keep up the good work you're doing. Chris Erickson
I work for Motorola and am on our site installation standards team. I conduct a lot of training to internal Motorola employees and our subcontractors. I am now using your books and PowerPoint presentations to add to my training classes. Your materials are a great addition and will make my teaching easier. Your computer graphics person is awesome! One other note: Sarina has been amazing to work with! Shane Morris

October 17, 2016

Mike Holt Enterprises is the best! At Newport Solar in Rhode Island, we strive for excellence on every installation. The code sections that we deal with, mostly 690 and 705, change significantly each code cycle, and we rely on Mike Holt products to keep us current, which helps us maintain our reputation as industry leaders in our state.

Mark Cordeiro

September 17, 2014

Just keep up the great work. MHE makes running a tailor-made apprentice training program easy, effective, thorough, and comprehensive. Thank you for the work that all of you do for all of us. Phillip Schaffer

January 6, 2014

WSDOT is now on its third code cycle for using Mike Holt NEC products as the foundation for our in-house electrical continuing education program for over 75 license holding employees throughout the state. We have 7 Labor and Industries certified Instructors that utilize the curriculum for training. The quality of information from the panel of experts on the DVDs and books is second to none and make for a quality learning experience. Thank you! products: 2014 NEC Materials. Thanks to Sean for his fast and friendly service. Chris Erickson

February 1, 2012

Mike, I just wanted to update you on the performance of my students in my first and second year apprenticeship classes at their mid-term exams. The use of your power point presentations alongside the text books has really had a positive impact on our employees and their view of "education". We have found our guys very engaged and motivated at class and everyone is reaping the benefits of this curriculum! Our first year class had a 90 average for their mid-term exam and our 2nd year class had an 88.6 average. Thanks, Skip Wolfford

November 21, 2011

I have purchased many of your products myself in the past and now had the opportunity to acquire the Ultimate Training Library for our staff. I think they will really benefit from your efforts. Excellent products, thanks. Steve Conly WDFW

July 1, 2009

Mike, I have used your books for many years with various people and they always prove to be beneficial. Thank you Mike Erler

June 25, 2009

Finished the third successful training session today. All 35 students loved the Understanding Electrical Code Part 1 book. Used your PowerPoint graphics during the presentations. Recommended Mike's products to all who attended. Best wishes! John F. Kaldon

March 9, 2009

I'm the maintenance training coordinator for Honeywell in Chesterfield Virginia. I purchased the 2008 code changes books and power point presentation from you. My guys are very pleased with your products and I highly recommend them to other sites. Herbert Warren

February 16, 2009

Sarina, You are the best to work with! I wish I could buy all my books from you. Thanks Wade