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October 15, 2013
My name is Melissa and I wanted to thank you for helping the man I love, Jay. He has been a journeyman electrician for many years and has always dreamed of becoming a master electrician and being his own boss. His dream started many years ago when he got his start in the electrical business, but finally he found your website and with the help of your Master Electrician study guide and DVDs he passed the exam. Your website and products have finally made that dream a reality.

He spent 4 months studying for the test as much as he could; he sacrificed 4 months of time with his baby twin daughters, his sons and me. The sacrifice paid off, he is now able to say he is a Master Electrician and he can provide a better life for his family.

It is because of his hard work and your study program that he is now Master Electrician.

Thank you,

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February 20, 2013
Thank you Mike. Passed the Oklahoma exam on the first try. Thank you for making the NEC so much easier to understand.

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August 22, 2012
Hello Sarina,
It has been some time since we have spoken and this is the first time by letter. I wanted to take this time to say thank you for all the time and consideration you have shown over the course of many years. From a distant place you became a business information source, inspiration on living & a communication friend. Without ever sitting face to face we have discussed family, work & the meaning of the past & future personal connection concerning Life & Family.

I hope you are enjoying semi-retirement and Freddy is doing well enough for you both to share time together and be with Friends & Family.

The other day, as I was working in the garage storing some electrical equipment, you popped into my mind. I started to think how you made much of my career possible and yet I have never provided you with any tangible evidence of what your fruit of labor has produced. So, enclosed is my latest project. Also enclosed is a photo of me in Afghanistan with some of the many Marines [as I am a former Marine] I had the pleasure of connecting with. You now have a face to place with my voice.

I hope this brings a smile to you. Well, you have my email & phone. I hope to speak with you soon.

Thanks again,
C Jay Johnson

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November 8, 2011
I don't know what I would have done without Mike Holt products. Because of him I was able to pass the Texas Masters exam and get my contractors license in 2008. If I had known the value of what is in his material I would have paid more than double the price! The first time in 2008 I had a friend buy it with his credit card and I paid him back the money so I could hide it from my wife($1500); she would not have gone along with that, but now any time I want a new book she says OK! The reason is she knows you can't put a price on this type of education and I will always buy my Code books with tabs and the Understanding the NEC every Code cycle and she will ask me what book or DVD I want for my birthday and Christmas. Thank you for what you do and for what you have done for my life.
"God Bless"
Terry Barfield

February 10, 2014

I have used your products for years. 3 years ago I bought your book and DVDs to help in passing my Masters License Exam. I passed the first time with a very high score.
William Steele

January 28, 2014

I very much appreciate the contribution Mike Holt has made to the practices of electrical construction and engineering.

I attended one of Mike's seminars several years ago in Pittsburgh. I was so impressed that I decided that I would take my engineers and designers to Mike's seminar the next time he came to Pittsburgh. Hoping that happens before I retire!

Richard W. Petrie, P.E.
Hornfeck Engineering, Inc.

July 26, 2013

Mr. Holt,
I was at an Arc Flash Training class and was most impressed when the instructor showed a video of you. In the video, you concluded by saying these words: “Remember, your main goal and focus is to go home safe everyday. If your boss insists you do your work unsafe, or won’t get you the proper equipment or PPE you need to work safe, then quit your job and go work at McDonald." (not quoted exactly correct)

Those words , I took home from class that night and communicated to my wife. She was most impressed and even teared up.

I have read your works for years in EC&M articles. I always knew you were a very special man.

Only when I read your, About Mike, on your website did it all become perfectly clear: you put Our God first. That is why you are the fantastic communicator that you are.

You have forever changed my life. For that, I wanted to thank you.

I have brought back this theme to my workplace and have made changes, and insist that we work safely at RGH.

God Bless you and your family, and continued success.
Ronald Viza
Rochester General Hospital

July 1, 2013

Hi Mike & Crew,
I would like to take a moment and THANK-YOU for what you do. I have been a master electrician for 23 yrs. Well, last year I decided to become an electrical instructor at the vocational school where I work as an in-house electrician. I knew I would have to hit the books hard to pass the teacher's exam, so I ordered about a half dozen books to help me (yours being one of them). Well as I started looking through them all, one by one I put them away and kept going back to yours - it was and is The Best. I passed the written part of the exam with a 91, but I did not stop there. Your books encouraged me to go ahead and take the master exam in the state next to my state(RI), which I also passed, all thanks to you and your people doing such a GREAT JOB!! Thanks Again ( Keep up the great work).
Chris Moniz
P.S. I knew I had the right book when I saw who it was dedicated to. God
Bless, and Peace be with you!!

January 28, 2013

Mike’s a great guy and a great teacher. I took his journeyman’s course in 1983 and Masters in 1986 in Ft.Lauderdale and he encouraged me to study and learn. I ended up being the #1 student in both and was rewarded with his special plaques of appreciation. He also inspired and propelled me to get my licenses in FL and GA, and went on to be an inspector for Coral Springs, FL. for (10) years, then estimator, project manager, VP, PMP, and more in GA and SC. I truly admire his work ethic, professionalism, knowledge of the NEC, attitude, and mostly love that he is a godly man and fellow brother and follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please tell him Todd Smith send his very best and God’s Blessings..I’ll always be grateful to Mike Holt..
Todd Smith

September 29, 2011

I have studied your courses and went to a couple of your seminars many years back that helped me pass my masters license. Now I am getting, when I can afford it, more of your books for the journeyman electrician to help my son pass his test. I have never been disappointed in any of the material I have received and with the easy way you put the books together. I am very hopeful he will pass his test and follow in my footsteps. I am not rich by any means, but the electrical industry has given me and my wife, a comfortable living for many years and now I'm getting to retire come January 31st. Thanks for all you have done Mr. Holt and keep up the good work.
William R. Scott

September 29, 2011

I just want to thank you for your timely response to my request for my instructor registration. This morning was our first class with our first year apprentices. We used Mike’s videos and Basic Theory textbook. Many of our employees were and are very apprehensive about taking our classes. It’s a guy thing. They’re worried about being able to pass the class, etc. They’re worried about other guys and what they would say if they didn’t pass. What they don’t understand until they come to my first class; it’s our job to ensure they pass. If they make an honest effort with our assistance they will pass the classes. Mike’s presentation of ideas along with the fantastic illustrations will make this very easy for everyone to understand.

After our first class this morning, the first group of students left energized and optimistic about learning more about our field due to the way that Mike presents the facts. I, too, was very impressed with the way that this information is presented and the way that his questions at the end of the section mimic the way that questions are posed to prospective test takers when they are trying to test for the journeyman and master electrician licenses.

I look forward to advancing the careers of my employees and our company through the knowledge that will be gained from this course curriculum that we have adopted. We submitted our course curriculum based on your example program and we were approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia on our first attempt. I believe that we are one of the first electrical contractors in Central Virginia to be approved as a teaching institution for their employees.

We look forward to partnering with the Mike Holt organization in an attempt to advance our company and our employees to better serve the construction industry. Please, pass this along to Mr. Holt. I know he’s busy but I want him to know, as I’m sure he’s told everyday, what an affect he and his company are having on this industry.
Skip Wolfford
David M. Wolfford & Son, Inc.

June 7, 2010

Good Morning Mike,
I wanted to thank you for doing a great job as always. I attended the Orlando seminar, and as always, was blown away by your quality standards despite the sound problems. The reason I am writing this letter to you is because of the story you told about mentoring Brian. I could tell that you truly cared about Brian and his situation and that you definitely made an impact on his life. Because it was obvious that you were touched by the effect you had on Brian and his family, I thought I would let you know the effect you have had on me and my family. I am guessing that you probably don’t hear enough about the good stuff.

I started my relationship with you back in 1985. I was a high school dropout ditch digger, who aspired to be a licensed journeyman. I took your prep-course, passed my test and started my journey. I followed that by taking your masters course, your state masters review, estimating, business management, financial seminars, and basically every seminar you have ever offered, and purchased most all of your products including your estimating software back in the early 90’s, which I still think was one of the best and most user friendly estimating software systems I have ever used. However, more than that, I listened to your advice and your life’s teachings.

Since then, I have started and sold two companies, I have worked at a senior level with two of the top five electrical companies in the Nation, and I am currently running the Florida operations for one of the top electrical firms in the nation. I only wish that some of the younger kids in your class would understand the validity of your teachings, and the impact it would have on their life if they would follow them.

I have been married for 23 years with two amazing children. I know them on a very personal level because of your teachings on keeping a balanced life and always making time for my wife and children. I believe I have achieved true success, in both life and business, and I owe it to your teachings over the years. My family and I thank you for the major impact you have had on our life. I look forward to seeing you at the Solar Seminar in Coral Springs and hope to get a picture with you to commemorate our 25 years together.

Thank you and God bless you Mike.
Lucky Drake
Glen "Lucky" Drake

April 26, 2010

April 18, 2010

In the spring of 2004 I found out my boss was going to retire, so I decided to try for my license. I ordered some videos from Mike Holt and I watched them over and over and it really got me to open up the code book and know where everything was. I did a lot of studying and a lot of praying and in the fall I took my exam and passed with flying colors. Since I have started my business and for 5 years now have been busy as can be thank the Lord. I am not saying it has not been stressful but I would not trade this in for another job.
Thanks for your help Mike Holt and and for answering my prayers Jesus.
Bill Luchesi, BNL Electric

April 16, 2010

I will introduce myself: my name is Jose A Guillen. I started young in my teens in construction hard labor coming from a very poor family. My dad could not provide more education than high school. I started to work very young in concrete then I worked in manufacturing of mobile homes as roof top builder, I worked in rough electrical. I was introduced by friends into the world of electricians where my interest in electrical books began. When I became a quality control inspector in my early 30's testing all electrical components and installations over the years searching on the computer I found this unique website that has given me so much knowledge - it is the best WWW. MIKE HOLT.COM nobody told me about it - it was the Lords guidance.amen. Over the years I have become a certified home inspector and a ICC certified Residential Electrical Inspector and continue to learn more from the masters who share info and discuss electrical topics at this website. I still work as an inspector for manufactured school and commercial buildings; my objective would be to become a master like Mike although I started late. Today in my mid 40's I say it is never late to learn and make an impact learn from the Best.
God Bless you Mike Holt...

March 17, 2010

Blessings come in all shapes, sizes and forms. I said a little prayer for more reference books and my prayers were answered.

We have an eight seat, sand tent, where we bring in outside Iraqi electrical workers, contractors, SEW workers, and Military electrical teams and give them a basic run down of Grounding and Bonding and put out questions from the 2005 Code Exam books that were sent by Mike in the beginning when Task Force SAFE started this mission with Jim Childs. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for your encouragement.

The support for our mission from Mike and everyone at Mike Holt Enterprises has been instrumental in helping us accomplish our original mission. Saving Lives and making the infrastructure safer for all parties was that original mission. We are doing that with each passing day. We are so happy for all your support and speaking for all of us here at Task Force SAFE, Thank You.

Richard Aliff
Task Force SAFE

August 25, 2009

Dear Mike,
I have been a student/seminar attendee for 33 years. Because of you, I have achieved more than I originally dreamed of when I started in business on May 1st, 1973. Over the years I have mimicked your approach to our trade with the employees we have had. I firmly believe this trade requires more skill and mental acuity than any other trade. Unfortunately, many of my fellow contractors do not treat their employees the same, thinking of them as strictly tools, to work until no longer needed.

The need for education in our industry is essential to the industry's continuance. For myself, I never felt more proud than when an employee graduated apprenticeship school/training and later went on to become a journeyman/master.

Thanks for the years of substantial training and my continued success.

George C. Turenne
American Lighting Maintenance

July 16, 2008

October 24, 2007