Estimating Software

Before purchasing estimating software, you should familiarize yourself with Mike Holt's Illustrated Guide to Electrical Estimating. Electrical contractors must know how to estimate to determine the job’s selling price, and to properly manage each job profitably. An unskilled estimator is still going to do a poor job of estimating, regardless of whether estimating software is used or not.
Mike's book and video series will teach you both the estimating and the bid process. Mike explains how to determine your costs (time, labor, materials, etc) so you can do the job correctly and profitably, and even know when it's wise to not bid on a job. What you will learn includes:

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  • the scope of work (plan & spec review)
  • understanding labor units
  • estimate and bid notes
  • the take-off
  • determining bill-of-material
  • pricing and laboring, and adjustments
  • break-even and making profit

The video program gives you the added advantage of seeing and hearing Mike, and his team of estimating experts, explain and debate the steps and important details of the estimate process. Click here to order.

Things to consider before purchasing any Estimating Software

How well do you know Electrical Estimating? Click here to test your knowledge with our free 25 question quiz.


Because of the technical nature of electrical estimating, estimating software is not available in computer stores. Only a person who has been trained in electrical contracting can adequately explain how computerized estimating works, and the many ways it will benefit you.

Find out as much as you can about the software vendor:

  • How long have they been in the business of selling software?
  • How many customers do they have?
  • What other software products do they sell?
  • What is their background in estimating and electrical contracting?

Take your time to investigate the different vendors and make a selection based on facts, not opinions. If possible, see if you can use the software on a trial basis. Naturally this will cost you a few hundred dollars; insist on money back guarantee.

Here is a list of the major estimating software companies: