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Estimating Textbook Code Quiz

This customizable quiz program allows you to test your NEC knowledge with timed drills. To set-up your time limit for each question please choose from the drop down box. We recommend 2 minutes as a standard.
Question Time Limit:
You can create a short or long quiz for these drills. Please choose below how
many questions you want to include in each quiz.
Number of Questions in this quiz:


Question {{quiz_activity.current_quiz_onQuestionNo}} of {{quiz_activity.current_quiz_noOfQuestions}}
Time Remaining: {{question_seconds_left}}
{{quiz_activity.resultText}} Code Reference: {{quiz_activity.current_quiz.reference}}
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Questions Correct: {{QuestionsCorrect}}

Questions Incorrect: {{QuestionsIncorrect}}

Final Score: {{FinalScore | percentage:2}}

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