How to Prepare For and Pass an Electrical Exam

Passing your electrical exam is an important step in your career and it can be life changing.

Being prepared for the exam means more than just knowing electrical concepts, the Code, and calculations. Many good and knowledgeable electricians have not passed their exams because they did not know the proper way to get ready for an exam, or how to take a test.

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Preparing for your exam is a process, and the following suggestions are designed to help you pass your exam the first time. In order to pass an exam, a few things need to happen. You need to:

  • Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • Prepare for the exam by knowing what you’ll be tested on
  • Create a proper study plan so that you’re focusing your time on the most important areas you need to study
  • Understand how to take an exam, how to approach questions, and how to manage your time during the test
  • Do everything you can to prepare, so that on exam day you have confidence that you’ll pass

Electrical Exam Preparation Study Guides

Test-Taking Tips for Electrical Exams

test-taking tips for electrical exams

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Seek Support & Stay Committed

Your commitment to pass your exam will affect other people in your life. Take some time to watch this video with the people that will share this journey with you. All things are possible.

Don't give up on your dreams. Hard work and perseverance will win. It's important to keep the end goal in mind - to be able to take care of your family! Watch this inspiring video..

Mike's Exam Preparation Materials

Passing the electrical exam is the dream of every electrician; unfortunately, many don't pass the first time. People fail their exam primarily because they are not prepared on the technical material and/or on what it takes to properly prepare for an exam. Mike’s materials have been designed to guide you through the process and help you pass the first time. There are lots of different programs suited to your individual needs.

Use the links below for details on study programs and license requirements specific for your exam, or call us at 888.632.2633 for additional information and for help in designing a program that is specialized for your needs.