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Mike Holt's exam preparation materials for Journeyman electricians include textbooks, workbooks, DVDs, and study aids that provide a comprehensive training program to ensure you have the best chance of passing your exams the very first time.
Journeyman Comprehensive Library
  • You can choose the products you need based on your knowledge of Theory, Code and Calculations
  • You'll be able to select products that fit within your budget
  • You'll learn faster with Mike's dynamic teaching system
  • You'll be a safer electrician because Mike teaches you how to apply what you learn in every-day situations.

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These exams will help you determine those areas of study that you really need to focus on. Questions cover Theory, Code and Calculations. The tests are timed and divided up into sections so you don't have to take the entire test in one sitting. Once you've finished a section you can exit the course and come back later to do another section.
Your completed section's scores will be recorded so you'll always know which sections are finished and which sections you have left to do. Your score is saved and displayed at the end of each practice session.

Please Note: You will only be allowed to take each exam one time. All examinations require a compatible browser:

Also, please turn off any script blocking software.

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