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Continuing Education

2011 Washington Online CEU Course Package 3 (Code Changes, Theory 3, RCW-WAC)
2011 Washington Online Package 3 24 Hours - 11WAOLPK3

This program fulfills the 24 hours required for Washington's CE requirements and includes the following courses:


  • Changes to the NEC 2011 Part 1 Articles 90 - 392 (8 Hours)
  • Changes to the NEC 2011 Part 2 Articles 400 - 810 (8 Hours)
  • Alternating Current, Motors, Generators, and Transformers (4 Hours)
  • RCW-WAC (4 Hours)

This course is available 24/7. Complete it at your own pace! We recommend using the 2011 NEC to complete this course. Buy one here. Have multiple state licenses? Click here to get a quote for the courses that best match your needs.


Product Code: 11WAOLPK3
Price: $240.00


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Verify this Program is Approved by your State Board.