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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

2011 Understanding NEC Requirements for Solar PV Systems Online Course
2011 Understanding NEC Requirements for Solar PV Systems Online Course - 11PVOL

Mike addresses possible conflicts or confusing NEC requirements, tips on proper electrical installations, and warnings of dangers related to improper electrical installations. He can’t eliminate confusing, conflicting, or controversial Code requirements, but he puts them into sharper focus to help you understand their intended purpose. In addition to covering Article 690 of the 2011 NEC, Mike covers other related NEC Articles, including Article 705 which covers the installation of electric power production sources operating in parallel with a primary source(s) of electricity. You’ll also learn how to cross reference the code requirements to understand how they relate to one another. The Code is updated every three years to accommodate new electrical products and materials, changing technologies, and improved installation techniques, and to make editorial refinements to improve readability and application. Keeping up with the Code should be the goal of everyone involved in the safety of electrical installations. This includes electrical installers, contractors, owners, inspectors, engineers, instructors, and others concerned with electrical installations We recommend you use the 2011 Code book when working through this program. You can purchase a copy of that book by clicking here.

This course is approved for Continuing Education for NABCEP and Electrical licenses in the following states: AK, DE, ID, MT, NM, OR, UT, WI, WY

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This course features 24/7 online access and allows you to stay in the course for the length of time that best suits your needs. Course progress is saved automatically at 5 minute intervals in addition to the Save and Logout option.


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