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Ugly's Electrical References, 2011 Edition
Ugly s Electrical References 2011 Edition - UGLY11ER

Ugly's Electrical References is designed to be used as an on-the-job reference. Used worldwide by electricians, engineers, contractors, designers, maintenance workers, instructors, and the military; Ugly's contains the most commonly required electrical information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-access format.

Ugly's presents a succinct portrait of the most pertinent information all electricians need at their fingertips, including: mathematical formulas, National Electrical Code tables, wiring configurations, conduit bending, voltage drops, and life-saving first aid procedures.

Revised for the 2011 National Electrical Code, Ugly's Electrical References includes updated coverage of:

  • Combination Circuits
  • Conductor Properties
  • Conduit Bending
  • Conversion Tables
  • Electrical Formulas
  • Electrical Symbols
  • Insulation Charts
  • Math Formulas
  • Metric System
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Parallel Circuits
  • Series Circuits
  • US Weights and Measures
  • Wiring Diagrams

Product Code: UGLY11ER
ISBN: 978-0-763790-99-8
Pages: 198
Price: $19.95 $5.00

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