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2014 Changes to the NEC Library
2014 Changes to the NEC Library - 14CCLIBD

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Mike Holt's 2014 NEC Changes Library is a complete training solution to help you learn the 2014 Code Changes. You will receive the content in various formats to help you learn anytime and anywhere.

The DVDs showcase dynamic round-table discussions with Mike and a panel of experts. Not only do they dissect the change, and its impact, they talk about how it will translate into the field. The wide range of skills of the panel provides a comprehensive overview of each change from various segments of the industry.

The full-color textbook is a powerful learning tool that combines over 400 instructional graphics with unique book features that bring clarity to the changes:

  • Author's Comments to clarify the meaning of the change
  • In-depth Analysis to explain the background information
  • A Final exam to test your knowledge
  • And much more...

The MP3s allow you to to review the changes while you are on the road.
The Online program lets you to test your skills on the computer.
The Tabs help you use your Code book more efficiently.

Package includes:
• Changes to the NEC 2014 Textbook
• Changes to the NEC Part 1 DVD Article 90 – 250.36
• Changes to the NEC Part 2 DVD 250.50 – Article 810
• Changes to the NEC Part 1 & Part 2 Online Courses
• Changes to the NEC MP3 Audio Download
• NEC Book Tabs

If you want a complete training solution on the 2014 Code Changes, then order this program today!


Product Code: 14CCLIBD
Price: $250.00

Answer keys are included with all Mike Holt books.


Please be patient during MP3 download.
Due to the extensive content of Article 690, that article is covered in Mike Holt’s Understanding the NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic systems. You can view our products covering Article 690 by clicking here.

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