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2014 Understanding the National Electrical Code, Volume 2 Articles 500-820

2014 Understanding the NEC Volume 2 Articles 500 820 - 14UND2

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This ground-breaking textbook provides you with the rock-solid foundation of NEC knowledge that you need to do your job with accuracy and confidence. What makes this book so effective is the clear writing style, the Author’s Comments, and the amazing detailed full-color illustrations that help you visualize the concepts being discussed. The chapter questions and final quizzes help you test your knowledge as you go.This textbook covers Article 500-820 (excluding Article 690), based on the 2014 NEC. Volume 2 highlights:

  • Chapter 5. Many people struggle to understand the requirements for special occupancies, but if you study the illustrations and explanations in this book, you’ll clearly understand them.
  • Chapter 6. What exactly is “Special Equipment”? Learn the additional measures needed to ensure the safeguarding of people and property.
  • Chapter 7. You’ll understand and be able to distinguish between power systems, interconnected power sources, and low-voltage, limited energy systems.
  • Chapter 8. Learn the requirements for Communications Systems such as telephones, radio and TV antennas, CCTV and CATV systems and when they are exempt from the NEC. This book provides a comprehensive education on the Code – no other textbook takes you step-by-step through those articles like Mike’s authoritative Understanding the National Electrical Code textbooks. The chapter questions and final quiz help you test your knowledge as you go. This book sets the standard in NEC education, and is used extensively throughout the country. This book is the companion volume to Understanding the NEC Volume I which can be found here.

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Product Code: 14UND2
ISBN: 978-1-932685-74-9
Pages: 368
Illustrations: 580
Practice Questions: 389
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Due to the extensive content of Article 690, that article is covered in Mike Holt’s Understanding the NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic systems. You can view our products covering Article 690 by clicking here.