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2014 Essential Rules of the NEC textbook

2014 Illustrated Guide to the Essential NEC Rules Textbook - 14NEC101

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Finally there is a book that is devoted exclusively to all NEC requirements that directly relate to fire and electrical shock hazards. These rules were chosen by Mike as the most relevant safety rules that every electrical professional needs to be aware of. This is a great reference tool for code compliance, electrical training, and is ideal for weekly safety meetings. This book distills all of the code rules down to the essential rules that really address the issues of safe electrical installations and should be in the hands of every electrical professional. Articles in this book are extracted from Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Understanding the National Electrical Code, Volume 1.


Product Code: 14NEC101
ISBN: 978-1-932685-66-4
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 373
Practice Questions: 271
Price: $40.00 $10.00

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