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2014 General Requirements, Articles 90-110 DVD
2014 General Requirements Articles 90 110 DVD - 14NCDVD1A

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This program covers the basic concepts and definitions needed to successfully apply the requirements contained in the National Electrical Code. It includes topics such as the purpose, scope, and arrangement of the NEC – along with enforcement, the differences between mandatory and explanatory requirements, formal interpretations, examination of equipment for product safety, and units of measurement. In addition, general definitions and the general requirements (termination of conductors, required warnings, markings, and identification, working clearances, terminal temperature limitations, and so on) needed to correctly apply requirements in Chapters 2 through 9 of the Code are covered.

This material was extracted from Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Understanding the National Electrical Code, Volume I. A DVD and the textbook described above are included.


Product Code: 14NCDVD1A
Price: $115.00

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