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2014 Wiring and Protection, Articles 200 - 285 DVD
2014 Wiring and Protection Articles 200 285 DVD - 14NCDVD1B

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This program covers the general rules for wiring and the protection of conductors which apply to all electrical installations covered by the National Electrical Code - except as modified in Chapters 5, 6, and 7, and those contained in Chapter 8 of the NEC. It includes topics such as the use and identification of grounded (neutral) conductors and terminals; branch circuit requirements such as conductor sizing, identification, and GFCI protection, as well as receptacle and lighting outlet requirements.

Other topics included are the requirements for:
•The installation and ampacity of feeder conductors
•Calculating the minimum size for branch circuits, feeders, and services
•The installation of equipment, including branch circuits and feeders located outside (overhead and underground)
•The installation of service conductors and equipment
•Overcurrent protection and overcurrent devices
•The general, installation, and connection of surge protective devices (SPDs) permanently installed on both the line side and load side of service equipment.

This material was extracted from Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Understanding the National Electrical Code, Volume I. A DVD and the textbook described above are included.


Product Code: 14NCDVD1B
Price: $115.00


Article 250 is not covered in this program. If you are interested in learning Grounding Vs. Bonding please Click Here

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