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2017 Electrical Inspectors DVD Library

2017 Electrical Inspectors DVD Library - 17INSP

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Prepare for your Inspectors test and your work in the field with this detailed program. This library provides extensive training on Electrical Theory plus a step-by-step breakdown of Calculations. Knowing the Code is one of the most important elements of being an inspector and this program will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to understand the Code and all of its nuances. You will be guided through all of the Code articles with DVDs that discuss the most important elements of the article while also illustrating how it can be applied in the real-world. The full-color textbooks provide you with a rich learning experience of hundreds of detailed illustrations that explain even the most difficult concepts.

This library includes:

Electrical Exam Preparation Textbook
Electrical Theory Textbook
· Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electricity DVD
· Electrical Circuits, Systems and Protection DVD
· Alternating Current, Motors, Generators, and Transformers  DVD

Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Textbook 
· General Requirements DVD
· Wiring and Protection  DVD
· Bonding and Grounding (3) DVDs
· Wiring Methods and Materials (2) DVDs
· Equipment for General Use DVD
Understanding the NEC Volume 2 Textbook 
· Special Occupancies & Special Equipment (3)  DVDs
· Limited Energy & Communications Systems  DVD

Bonus DVD: How to Use the NEC

After you take your exam, these resources will be a wonderful reference tool for your work in the field.

Purchased separately, items in this library would cost $1,754.00. You Save $955!

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Product Code: 17INSP
Price: $799.00

Answer keys are included with all Mike Holt books.


Due to the extensive content of Article 690, that article is covered in Mike Holt’s Understanding the NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic systems. You can view our products covering Article 690 by clicking here.

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