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2017 NFPA Spiral Bound Code Book
2017 NFPA Spiral Bound Code Book - 17SB

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This spiral edition makes the code book much easier to use. The spiral coil allows you to conveniently study by placing the book folded on your desk. It lays flat and you can even put it on a hook in your truck.

Five all-new articles and hundreds of changes in the newest NEC pave the way to a safe and efficient electrical future.

Significant additions reflect the growth in renewable power technology. New Code articles address the advancement of privately owned wind and solar power generation and distribution equipment -- including coverage of higher voltage systems that were once only the utilities' domain. The new consumer role is a major factor in energy decentralization, and expanded NEC coverage is vital for designers, engineers, contractors, and AHJs. You'll work with:

  • Large-Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Supply Stations (New Article 691)
  • Energy Storage Systems (New Article 706)
  • Stand-Alone Systems (New Article 710)
  • Direct Current Microgrids (New Article 712)

Other NEC revisions protect the public and workers from deadly hazards.

  • New labeling, such as detailed arc flash hazard warning on equipment, helps workers and supervisors assess electrical risks.
  • New minimum space clearances for equipment installation clarify the safeguards needed to protect installers and maintainers.
  • Fixed Resistance and Electrode Industrial Process Heating Equipment (New Article 425) presents needed regulations for industry.
  • Revised provisions for AFCI and GFCI protection improve electrical and fire safety in homes

Product Code: 17SB
ISBN: 978-1455912797
Pages: 910
Price: $107.00


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