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Leadership and Life Skills DVD Program
Leadership and Life Skills DVD Program - LEADPKG

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This brand new product distills over 40 years of successful personal and business achievements (including becoming a world-class athlete) into a program for personal and (or) business success and leadership.

Mike share's his insight and knowledge on the skills and disciplines you need to be able to understand who you are, make goals, and work to achieve them. He gives you the tools to clear the path to understanding what your personal success looks like, how to cultivate a winning attitude and employ great communications skills. Continuous Improvement is necessary to learn how to embrace change, conflict and failure. Whatever your current position or goals, you'll learn tips and processes that will help you raise your game.

This package includes:

  • Leadership Skills textbook
  • Life Skills DVDs
  • Life Skills workbook PDF download



Product Code: LEADPKG
Price: $195.00

Table of Contents