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Mike Holt's Success Skills Seminar (Seminar:July 13, 2018) Orlando, Florida
Mike Holt s Success Training Camp Seminar July 13 2018 Orlando Florida - ORL1TRACKB18


July 13, 2018
Orlando, Florida
8am - 5pm

This one day program provides you with a wide array of strategies to help you in your personal and professional life. Topics include:

Leadership 101 with Mike Holt – Learn the tried and true skills that Mike has used to build a national business that has been thriving for 40+ years, as well as to fuel his success in sports. He will share the specific techniques that have helped him become a World Class competitor both in sports and in life.

Using Technology to Transform Your Business – Technology is always changing and is becoming one of the biggest competitive advantages that separates successful companies and individuals from the group. You will learn the advantages of embracing technology, how to find the right fit for your business, and software that is currently being used by other successful contractors.

Using Systems to Build a Better Business – If there is one area where all businesses can improve it is in the area of managing processes via systems. Systems based management allows your company to run like a well-oiled machine whether you are in the office or out on vacation. Systems provides guidance, efficiency, and structure that will allow your company to grow. This presentation will provide you with a framework in understanding how systems can help you build a better business while also reducing stress for you and your employees.

From Stress to Success – Whether you work in the office, or work in the field, life can get stressful. This powerful and life-changing program helps you identify steps you can take to reduce the harmful effects of stress on your life and your health, and gives you specific strategies you can employ to be successful no matter what you may currently be going through in your life.

What's Included:
Presentation Handout
Completion Certificate

Location: Rosen Plaza Hotel
9700 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
(800) 627-8258 or (407) 996-9700

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Please Note: This course is not eligible for CEU credit.
Content, Date, and Location are subject to change

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Product Code: ORL1TRACKB18
Price: $225.00

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