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Printreading Based on the 2014 NEC, by ATP
Printreading Based on the 2014 NEC by ATP - ATP14PRINT

Printreading reflects the changes in the 2014 NEC® and maintains its status as an industry standard by incorporating fundamental printreading skills and relevant NEC® topics. Different types of prints used in industry are represented throughout the textbook, including plot plans, floor plans, and elevations. Prints are also used in conjunction with code requirements to determine dwelling load calculations. This textbook serves as both an instructional tool and a valuable technical reference for professionals in the field.

Content includes:

  • Printreading
  • One-Family Dwellings
  • Multifamily Dwellings
  • Commercial Locations
  • Industrial Locations
  • Hazardous Locations

Product Code: ATP14PRINT
ISBN: 978-0-8269-1571-9
Pages: 277
Price: $57.00