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2017 Oregon Rules and Laws Online

2017 Oregon Rules and Laws Online - 17ORRLOL

Oregon Rules and Laws (4 hours) General supervising (S), limited supervising (PS), general journeyman (J), limited journeyman mfg plant electrician (PJ), and limited residential electricians (LR) are required to take a 4-hour Oregon Rule and Law course during each three-year license cycle.

This course satisfies the 4-hour ORL continuing education requirement and will cover all pertinent statutes, rules, code changes and provisions, scope of license, permit procedures and requirements, and Oregon amendments to the particular specialty code, including Oregon Code Changes, statewide alternate methods, Code Interpretations, scope of license, appeals process, location of electrical requirements and the permit requirements which are included in Oregon Administrative Rules & Statutes and Oregon Electrical Specialty Code (OESC).

This course consists of 108 questions split into three quizzes as follows:

  1. A 44 question quiz based on the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Chapter 918
  2. A 56 question quiz based on the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code Changes (OESC)
  3. A 8 question quiz based on the Oregon Electrical Statewide code interpretations & Alternate Methods

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