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Engineering Fundamentals - for the Electrician and Engineer (Seminar: May 30, 2019) Orlando, Florida
Fundamentals of Engineering for the Non engineer Seminar May 30 2019 Orlando Florida - ORLENG19

May 30, 2019
Orlando, Florida
8am - 5pm 

Engineering Fundamentals - for the Electrician and Engineer
Presented by Tom Domitrovich, VP, Eaton Corporation

Power Systems Analysis, an Introduction
The fundamentals that are used throughout this program.  These are the tools to use when analyzing the power distribution system - you need to have a handle on these basics for effective execution of power systems analysis studies. 

Short-Circuit Analysis
The short-circuit calculation is the most fundamental calculation that you'll make as part of a power systems analysis.   A basic power system will be the basis of this class and used to walk through the process of calculation of short-circuit currents.  The available short-circuit current is important for device applications and performance.  The information calculated here is used for both selective coordination and incident energy calculations.

Equipment Evaluation. 
Once the engineer has available short-circuit current values throughout the power distribution system, equipment must be properly evaluated for short-circuit current ratings and interrupting ratings.  This equipment evaluation is important to ensure proper equipment is specified before the design begins and helps ensure inspections go smoothly without project delays after the project has been completed.

Selective Coordination
Selective coordination gets to the heart of the performance of the power distribution system.  This section of the class will provide the information necessary to understand how overcurrent protective devices perform under overload and fault conditions, those conditions outside of normal operation.  The class will continue the discussion around the sample distribution system as overcurrent protective devices are selected to achieve the performance desired.

Incident Energy
Incident energy awareness and calculations is all about the electrical worker and electrical safety.  The class will understand the key parameters of incident energy including calculating arcing currents, determining clearing times, and calculating incident energy.  The class will continue the discussion around the sample distribution system as incident energy calculations are made to help the electrical worker dress for success.

What's Included:
Presentation Handouts

Location: Rosen Plaza Hotel 
9700 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
(800) 627-8258 or (407) 996-9700

Note: This single day seminar is not eligible for CEU credit.

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