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Solar Photovoltaic NEC textbook & DVDs, 2020 NEC

Solar Photovoltaic NEC textbook DVDs 2020 NEC - 20SOLDVD

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Solar power is new to most in the electrical industry and this expanding and exciting industry has created many NEC challenges for the designer, contractor, installer, inspector, and instructor. As the market for Solar Photovoltaic systems continues to grow, the rules governing their installations continue to evolve, but don’t be intimidated; Mike’s textbook will give you an edge, because of the extra effort put forth to organize these in an easy-to-follow manner. In this book and DVD program, Mike addresses possible conflicts or confusing NEC requirements, tips on proper electrical installations, and warnings of dangers related to improper electrical installations. He can’t eliminate confusing, conflicting, or controversial Code requirements, but he puts them into sharper focus to help you understand their intended purpose. In addition to covering Article 690 of the 2020 NEC, Mike covers other related NEC Articles, including Articles 691, 705 and 710. You’ll also learn how to cross-reference the Code requirements to understand how they relate to one another. Mike Holt’s presentation style is informative, practical, useful, informal and applicable for today’s electrical professional. Just like all of Mike’s textbooks, it contains hundreds of full-color illustrations to help you see the safety requirements of the National Electrical Code in practical use, as they apply to today’s electrical installations.


Product Code: 20SOLDVD
ISBN: 978-1-950431-12-0
Pages: 608
Illustrations: 1357
Practice Questions: 515
Price: $325.00

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