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2020 Bonding and Grounding

2020 Bonding and Grounding Online Course - 20GBOL

Gain a solid understanding of Bonding and Grounding, with Mike Holt’s online course.

This course covers Article 250 Grounding and Bonding, as well as the Code rules contained in the National Electrical Code® that relate to bonding and grounding. Grounding and Bonding is the most important and possibly least understood article in the NEC®. Surveys have repeatedly shown that a high percentage of electrical shocks and power quality problems are due to poor bonding or grounding (not to mention the hazards) created from the misapplication of the NEC rules.

The course helps to clear up misconceptions about bonding versus grounding and breaks down each of the Code articles that deal with this topic. Mike’s ability to explain these rules and their practical application in real-world settings will help you to fully understand the “why” behind these rules, helping to ensure you know how to apply the NEC every day. 

You will review Article 90, 110, 250, 440, 450, and 517.

This online course utilizes full-color illustrations to help you visualize the code and safety requirements in practical use. You will review author’s comments & analysis, cautions regarding possible conflict or confusing NEC requirements, tips on proper electrical installations, and warnings of dangers related to improper electrical installations.

This course is available 24/7. Complete it at your own pace! Click here to see how this course works.

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