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Ultimate Business Library - ULTBIZ

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Transform your business and your life.  Whether you are starting a business, wanting to make your existing business more profitable, or managing others in the field, this program is ideal for you! 

Estimating. This program gives you a primer on what it takes to make jobs profitable, with the step-by-step Estimating Training program. You will learn what steps are vital to making sure each job is profitable, and what jobs to walk away from.

Business Management. The Business Skills portion is part Motivation, part Business Wisdom, to help you get where you want to go faster.

Leadership. Mike’s Leadership Skills book distills his knowledge of running a successful business for over 40 years into the primary building blocks of being a leader.

This package includes the following products:

  • Business Management textbook and DVDs (1)
  • Estimating textbook and DVDs (4)
  • Becoming a Great Instructor textbook and DVDs (2)
  • ​Leadership textbook
  • Life Skills textbook and DVDs (3)
  • Life Skills MP3s

Product Code: ULTBIZ
ISBN: 978-1-950431-40-3
Price: $675.00